Yesterday, Mike and I woke up and took our bikes out to a nature center a few miles from the campsite. After we went through the whole thing, we rode down to the beach where there were boulders on the shore that we climbed together. It was so beautiful to look out on the waves crashing against the rocks in front of us and feel the spray and the wind against our faces. After lunch and a few games of catchphrase with his family, we went down to the beach within walking distance and went swimming in the ocean. The waves were quite big and we couldn’t stop laughing together, we were having such a good time! Mike and I biked back to the site to sunbathe together while everyone stayed on the beach and eventually we all sat down together for dinner. Once it got dark, we all played pictionary and solitaire together. It was an awesome day. :) Mike and I went back to our tent and in the middle of the night it started to thunderstorm! It was strange for me and exciting, and he was so nonchalant haha. So now I’m just lying in his bed while he’s at work and I can’t wait to head back to the campsite. :) :) :)

I’m back at Mike’s house now while he’s at work for a few hours so we can practice when he’s done and go back to the campsite afterwards :)