I feel so helpless and beaten down

Make it stop…

I keep getting thrown into a really deep depression to a really aggressive mania back to the beginning and I can’t do this. It’s like my new meds are making my cycles faster and faster

IF YOU THINK THAT THE REASON I CAN’T GO OUT OR DO ANYTHING IS BECAUSE OF MIKE THEN YOU ARE SO FUCKING INCORRECT. I literally see him when I wake up, when we have dinner, and when I goto sleep. That’s literally the ONLY time I see him every weekday and many times on weekends. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MAD AT ME AND TALKING SHIT BEHIND MY BACK NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I EXPLAIN THAT IM LITERALLY IN WHALEN FROM 7:30AM TO DINNER THEN I GO BACK UNTIL LIKE 10!! I HAVE 100x MORE WORK AND ITs fucking HARD TO MANAGE MY SOCIAL LIFE. PLUS I’m on new meds that are making me sleep all day on weekends and are making me really moody and unhappy!!!!!!! I FUCKING HATE EVERYONE.