Apple seriously got back to me over two weeks later (they said at most five days) and told me that my phone was ready to be picked up, but that it still doesn’t work so I have to buy a new phone. I don’t have the fucking money for a new phone and they told me that this repair was going to work. I can’t deal with my phone until my warranty is up. It has just about an hours worth of battery life and it’s a pain in the fucking ass to use the little bubble lock button thing. I’m really angry that they’re not replacing it because they fucked up. And I’m getting horrible anxiety about going into the store and dealing with it because I always have such a negative experience and I’ve never had to deal with this on my own before. But I have to go today by myself because my mom is in surgery and I’m leaving tomorrow.

"One More Time”
— every band director/ instructor ever (which never means one more time)